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Financial Planning Services

Investment Planning and Implementation

  • Given that we sell no financial products or securities, our advice and recommendations are completely independent and unbiased
  • We will work with you to ensure that your plan is developed and guided by your personal goals, financial objectives, timeliness, and risk tolerance
  • Creation of a net worth statement, an investment asset allocation, a cash flow analysis and a recommendation outline will help to assist you in achieving your financial goals
  • Regular maintenance and review of your portfolio to discuss any new market conditions and strategies will be provided
  • We believe a “team approach” is essential and, as such, we will work closely with your investment advisor. When applicable, the recommendation of a wealth management professional will be provided
  • At your request, we will attend all third party meetings with you, in order to assure that each of your goals and objectives are being appropriately addressed


Executive Compensation

  • Complete review of compensation and benefit packages, as well as, applicable advice and guidance
  • Review of Non-Qualified and Incentive Stock Options, Restricted Stocks, Phantom Stock, Stock Appreciation Rights (SARs), Employee Stock Purchase Plans (ESPPs), Section 83(b) elections, as well as, other financial compensation and applicable strategies
  • Recommendations of deferred compensation plans and employee benefit elections


Risk Management

  • Review of current insurance coverage and evaluation of future needs
  • Identification of gaps in coverage, as well as, excess coverage
  • Cost effective solutions in personal coverage (disability, life, long term care) and property coverage (homeowners, liability, assets)


Education Planning

  • Planning and cost projections for future education expenses
  • Development of a funding and investment strategy which compliments your financial goals
  • Evaluation of various alternatives to fund your child’s education such as Section 529 Plans, Coverdell Education Savings Accounts, Custodial Accounts, keeping college savings in your own account
  • The utilization of Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) Programs in states where applicable


Estate and Gift Planning

  • Preparation of a transfer plan to transfer assets during life, as well as after death, in order to minimize or eliminate taxes
  • Establishment of gifting programs, trusts, LLCs and similar financial instruments
  • Coordination with your estate planning attorney to draft these documents
  • Management and disposition of estates in conjunction with the tax savings recommendations to achieve your goals
  • When applicable, the recommendation of an estate planning attorney will be provided


Retirement Planning

  • Establishment of retirement goals, projected retirement age and standard of living
  • Review of retirement funding and the creation of a strategy that accounts for cash flow needs
  • As retirement approaches, a distribution plan to link retirement costs and estate goals



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