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Tax Planning and Compliance Services

At Tatulli & Associates, we offer a complete range of professional tax services. Our Firm’s consulting capabilities allow us to provide the variety of services you require. We can assist your Company in special interest areas, such as: corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, etc. Also, our individual tax services allow us to plan for your financial future.




Some of the tax services we offer include:

  • Corporate Taxation
  • Partnership & Limited Liability Company Taxation
  • Not-for-Profit Tax Reporting
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Tax Appeals
  • State & Local Taxation
  • Individual Tax Planning and Compliance
  • Estate & Trust Taxation
  • Review and Planning of Qualified and Incentive Stock Options
  • Alternative Minimum Tax Analysis


Income Tax Planning

Tatulli & Associates strives towards superior service responsiveness, implementing our recommendations and understanding all aspects of your business.

  • Solid planning anticipates changes and determines the action steps to optimize your results.
  • Our six-step planning process begins early in the tax year:
  1. Estimation of income, deductions, exemptions & credits for current & future years
  2. Identification of income and deductions that can be moved from one year to another
  3. Determination of your personal and corporate tax brackets
  4. Calculation of taxes owed and payment requirements
  5. Analysis of Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) exposure
  6. Action steps to help mitigate Federal and State Taxes


Income Tax Return Preparation

  • All individual, corporate, partnership, trust, estate and foundation tax returns will be prepared in a timely and cost effective manner, without ever sacrificing quality or our commitment to excellence
  • The Internal Revenue Service and State Filing Authorities are reviewing revenue and deductions more aggressively than ever before, therefore, we work to help minimize the notifications that may result in increased tax burden, interest, penalties, and possibly audits and revenue agent reviews. When necessary, our firm will represent our clients before all applicable tax authorities



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